The Imperial Family also presented each other with Easter eggs . Each had monogrammed eggs, which they could hand out to people of their choosing. During the war, they were presented to soldiers in the Grand Duchesses’ hospitals and usually to other members of the household.


The St.Peter Line also has a ship devoted to Maria Nikolaevna. Both of them had departed to Sochi as floating hotels for guests and participants of the Olympiad.




Most evanescent Imperial, Serene, Gracious Highnesses, Most Excellent Lords and Ladies, I invite you to add your peerage and title to our register so we may inaugurate the titles of our wonderful Imperial Family.

bulletproofjewelsHI&SH Grand Duchess Katherine Alexandra Grace Trevona, Duchess of Melbourne

Her Serene Highness Princess Elizavyeta Nikolayevna Chekova, future Duchess of Sunderland

HIH Grand Duchess Anastasia Mikhailovna, Duchess of Anaheim

Favorite Anecdotes

A few days afterwards, a children’s party was held, and the Grand Duke Constantine’s children were amongst the guests. One of them, having reached twelve years of age, had been put into the Corps de Cadets, and came in his uniform. He wanted to kiss his little cousin Maria, but she put her hand over her mouth and drew back from the embrace. “Go away, soldier,” said she, with great dignity. “I don’t kiss soldiers.” The boy was greatly delighted at being taken for a real soldier, and not a little amused at the same time. 

-Six Years at the Russian Court

The next morning, before getting out of bed, she called Eagar and asked which was her right foot. She showed her, and Olga carefully stepped on it. “Now,” she said, “that bad left foot won’t be able to make me naughty today; I got out on the right.”

-Six Years at the Russian Court

And the answer always was “No, no. He’s not our Uncle Willie. We do not want to hear his name.”

-The Real Tsaritsa

He gave up the project only when he discovered that ornamenting the robes with jewels in the style of the ancient Muscovite boyars was more than the modern purse could bear.

-Nicholas and Alexandra

He also filled out an enlistment card for a soldier who asked for it as a souvenir. He signed his name, and under duration of service, he wrote “Until my death”. 

-The Last Tsar: The Life and Death of Nicholas II